Link Building 101

Getting your website found on the major search engines can be a time and money-sapping experience. Find out how building some quality links to your site can help.

Links are the currency of the internet, carrying users and trust from place to place. The best analogy used to explain link building is one of popularity: The popular 'cool kids' at school are more likely to hang around with other cool kids, but as a 'less-cool kid' you can gain some popularity by becoming friends with one of them. This is the same with links. Popular sites such as, can influence the search rank of other smaller sites just by association.

Directories are a great place to start when trying to obtain some quality links back to your website. The operative word in this process being 'quality'. So what constitutes a quality back link?

When vetting link directories in order to decide whether you should link with them it's important to ensure that they exist for the right reasons. Be careful of directories - or indeed any sites - which only offer links in exchange for payment, and which do not stringently evaluate link submissions. Remember, search engines like quality content and the likelihood of your site ranking well depends very much on the quality of its content as well as the content of linking sites.

Some Recommended Free Link Directories:

*note: some of the directories listed above may require a link back in exchange.

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