Copywriting & Content Creation

Hiring a copywriter is an investment, not a cost. Great copy will lift your brand and make it stand out against the sea of competitors. Swann Digital copywriting services can be tailor made to suit any budget or size of project. Whether your website needs a once over to polish up content and grab your readers' attention, or if you require some fresh, original editorial to attract visits to your site and social media platforms, then please get in touch.

All of our work is done on a bespoke, one-to-one basis, with open lines of communication maintained throughout the project. Each piece is thoroughly researched to ensure that you receive fully original content, which shows a deep understanding of the subject.

Content Creation For SEO

Writing for the digital age isn't just about knowing your spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) rules and having a good vocabulary to pull from; it requires a great understanding of how search engines interpret and understand copy on a web page.

In knowing the rules for correctly formatting, linking and writing copy for the web, Swann Digital will help give your site a competitive edge over other sites in your market. You can read more on content writing for SEO in this article from 2013 on copywriting for search engines.

With experience in writing for a variety of websites and online magazines Swann Digital is well placed to help you move your content strategy forward.